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Starlight & StarLadies Racing Partnerships

They are different than any other racing partnership you’ve ever seen—or even heard of. As with anything, it starts at the foundation and at the root of Starlight and StarLadies Racing are Jack & Laurie Wolf, the founding partners. Two great people who have been an asset to horse racing since they entered this crazy game nearly 20 years ago.

Both partnerships (Starlight and StarLadies) are based on quality rather than quantity. Quality horses and fabulous, yet, dynamic partners. Jack & Laurie Wolf started Starlight Racing just to enjoy horse racing together—that was back in 2000—and they were fortunate enough to have multiple Grade 1 stakes winning Harlan’s Holiday in that first crop!

With a successful background in finance—Jack founded and managed Columbus Partners hedge fund in Atlanta, Ga before retiring to concentrate on racing full time—the Wolfs realized that diversifying their exposure among many horses and spreading the risk among many partners was their best chance for longterm success in Thoroughbred horse racing and this approach has yielded many successes!

However, unlike almost every other partnership out there, Jack & Laurie still put up their own money every year. So they are not simply managing other people’s horses or spending other people’s money, they put their money up too. If one of the partnerships has a good year, they have a good year. But if one of the partnerships loses money, they too lose money.

It is this unique foundation that sets Starlight and StarLadies apart from all of the other racing partnerships out there. And it is the Wolfs’ shared passion for horse racing, their gregarious and fun-loving natures, their understanding of the game and their willingness to take risks (along side their partners) that prompted me to work with them, beginning in 2012.

If you’d like to learn more about Starlight or StarLadies Racing please visit our website here

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