Fitness & Nutrition

Donna’s passion for optimum living began in 1988 after realizing that as a paid professional athlete in a heavily male dominated sport, it was her responsibility to show up as the best possible version of herself.

To be a jockey, she knew she had to be strong, she knew she had to be fast and she knew she had to be fit. So, when she set a course to be those things on the horses she rode, and for the clients she rode for, very early on she realized that being thoughtful about her food choices and her fitness regimens made her FEEL good on top of the athletic benefits she had originally set out to achieve. It seemed like she recovered from injuries faster, she got sick less and she felt GREAT! These were just a few of the happy side effects.

She was hooked, and this ensures that her interest in the health and fitness genre remains on her radar even years after her retirement as one of the winningest female jockeys of all time.

Donna has now been an ardent student of the benefits of health and nutrition for over 30 years. She strives to stay on top of the latest news and scientific discoveries in the field and she is always discovering new ways to improve her quality of life and overall health.

She is passionate about sharing these pearls with her family, friends and beyond. According to Donna, the effort to live as healthy as possible is not about looking good, but about LIVING GOOD,  and it’s hard not to catch on to that enthusiasm!

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