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Award winning sports analyst and commentator, author, and former top jockey

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Hello and welcome to my website! I hope you’ll take some time to explore and enjoy the stories, photos, and updates. I’m passionate about horse racing, healthy living and clean crafted wines—take a look around and thanks for visiting!


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My “allergy” to wines started years ago. I liked wine but just wasn’t able to drink it. Even after one glass I would wake up feeling lethargic and foggy headed. I did notice that...

Amazing Wines

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Well-known national racing commentator and former jockey, Donna Barton Brothers, provides an insider's guide to a day at the races with tips on what to wear, how to bet, how to watch a race,...

Donna’s Book: Inside Track

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Racing Partnerships

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Donna’s passion for optimum living began in 1988 after realizing that as a paid professional athlete in a heavily male dominated sport, it was her responsibility to show up as the best possible version...

Healthy Living

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Donna remains a dynamic participant of the racing industry and enjoys an active involvement in numerous community support programs external to the racing industry. When she's not on assignment with NBC, you will most...

Giving Back

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Join Donna in real time on her social media outlets to see what topics matter the most to her! She is active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and regularly posts about topics on sports,...

Ride Along

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Donna has interviewed a few jockeys over the years through her work in broadcasting, and when she conducts an interview, she makes sure she’s prepared.  She offers her notes here as a free resource...

Jockey Bios

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