The New York Times – “Riding a Horse and Carrying a Microphone”

Published in The New York Times, The Rail, By Melissa Hoppert, on June 9, 2012

When Mario Gutierrez came from virtually nowhere to ride I’ll Have Another to victory in the Kentucky Derby, Donna Barton Brothers was waiting just beyond the finish line to interview him in her role as analyst for NBC — on horseback. For Brothers, being on a horse comes more naturally than holding a microphone. Her mother, Patti Barton, was a trailblazer for women jockeys, and Brothers, her sister and her brother followed in her footsteps. When Brothers retired in 1998, she was the second-winningest female rider in the United States by money earned. But she never strayed too far away from the sport she loved. She is married to a horse trainer, Frank Brothers, and works as an analyst for NBC Sports and TVG…

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